Disruptive at the Iklektic Art Lab

Sunday 19th july - twelve to seven

Three mobile phones and lots of people. Everyone who wanted to participate shot one minute of moving ing image between twelve midday and seven pm, in the environs of the Iklektic Arts Lab in Waterloo, London. The results were edited together and shown in the Lab later in the year


23 artists coming together to explore the notion of disruption through a plethora of approaches, including performance, sculpture, painting, print, and collaboration, video and more. Show Dates: Tuesday 14th – Friday 17th July 2015

19th July videographers


Edward, Chris, Vera, Lucinda, Simon, John, Caroline,  S R, Rita, Amanda, Julia, Kathryn, Nick, Minna,  

David, Monika, David, Claire

Disruptive artists

Andrea Artz, Francis Blake, Liana Bortolozo, Elizabeth Brown, Victoria Burgher, Simon Croft
Titus Davis, Veronica De La Rosa, Livia Garcia
Caroline Halliday, Morvenna Lake, Claire Nelmes
Chloe Louise, Christina Lovey, Julia Maddison
Alison McFadden, Chloe Napier, Shaifur Rahman
Robert Ridley-Sheckleton, Eduard Solez
Monika TobelElla Trouwee